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Most Viewed Knowledgebase Articles
Messages #: 5218
I want to purchase some of your products for my website.
Will I be able to use images of your product to display on my website?

post at May/11/2013 19:29
you can free use our images on your website if you have purchased our items

Messages #: 5214

I would like to buy wholesale. I have 60 items in my cart and I would like to order the shoes but there's a message that you have MOQ. Can I still buy like 1-3 pcs per styles? And I cannot see dhl options to shipping?
post at May/09/2013 09:04
our new style of dog shoes will coming soon, them listed dog shoes on website is old style will offline. we recommend that you purchase dog clothes first.

Messages #: 5206
Can you tell me the pound of the dog the larger size tee shirts the dog will fit?
post at May/03/2013 21:59
our larger dog clothes size under the page:

Messages #: 5157
I've paid thur pay pal using my credit card, now it will not let me track my dogs clothing cause it keeps telling my either my order number or my email is not correct. Do I need to stop payment ?
post at Apr/17/2013 13:47
we check your order have shiped.thanks

Messages #: 5156
just placed order P2RP17792 FOR $233.60 I do want this order. The account also shows an order#P2P17790 FOR $198.23 I do not want this order. Please cancel it. I only want one order not two.
post at Apr/17/2013 11:21
ok, we will ship order P2RP17792 to you.thanks

Messages #: 5124
I'm very interested in buying bulk material of "Bowknot Collar" for dogs, but before I want to check the material, fabric and quality of the product, so, can I have one sample?
Thank you very much in demand
Regards from Spain
I'll gladly appreciated
Cris Ribot
post at Apr/10/2013 02:48
sorry, we have not free sample ship to you .please purchase one piece online to check through retail price,thx.

Messages #: 5109
I want more information about your drop shipping membership. before joining is there any other written information? Also how long to ship to USA.
post at Mar/28/2013 15:15
DHL ship to US need 3-4 business days. EMS/TNT need 10 business days. china air mail need 15-25 business days

Messages #: 5106
How do I change my payment option?
post at Mar/27/2013 15:09
hi, view our payment option at

Messages #: 5105
I am interested in buying 30 pcs. As long as the shipping cost is not to high! Can you let me know how much it will be? Thanks, Bev Miller
post at Mar/26/2013 10:50
hi, Calculate Shipping Cost at

Messages #: 5085
I am ordering Sale Items in dozen lots but quantity in cart only shows "1". Are these counted for wholesale prices? as "12" or "1"?
post at Mar/12/2013 13:11
To buy a dozen item, we will send 12 pieces to you and 30 dozen items, we will send 30*12=360 pieces to you. That means that a dozen stands for 12 pieces.

According to the rules of our shopping cart system, it should be noted that a dozen will show you quantity 1, not 12. But don't worry, we will send you 12 pieces products.

Except dozen sale products, other products show it according to the number of actual purchase. If you want to get the wholesale price, please pay more attention to the number of the shopping items in the lower right corner of the shopping cart page. If the AMOUNT QUANTITY shows 30, congratulations, you will get our wholesale price.

Messages #: 5049
hey there. your webside is go by USD or what? cause i need to know the price so i can buy in bulk
post at Mar/04/2013 04:43
hi, our website currency is USD dollar, thanks

Messages #: 5047
i'm starting a dog supply store .and sell at flea markets and would like to know the quilty of your products if possiable I would like some samples of your collars leads and what ever you think would be a good seller I mostly sell hunting supplys so thank bill
post at Mar/03/2013 09:02
we are sorry, here have not Free sample to ship, please online order one or two items to check quality,thanks

Messages #: 5007
hi!, i'm from italy! i would to know whic is the minimum order for have wholesale price? thank u!
post at Feb/24/2013 02:59
for all of our customer, if order quantity over 30 pieces will get our wholesale price, over 200 get free shipping

Messages #: 4986
Hola buenas tardes, tengo una tienda de mascotas en la ciudad de Oaxaca de Juarez, Oaxaca, M茅xico me interesa conocer sus politicas de venta
post at Feb/21/2013 16:48
for all customer order over 30 pieces will get our wholesale price. over 200 pieces will get our free shipping.

Messages #: 4982
we have an advertising office in Rhodes island-Greece and we want for a cliant 200-400 dog's clothes. Mail us please how can we buy from your company what we need and which is the cost of portage till here?
Thank you very much for your time and we are sorry for our enlish.
post at Feb/21/2013 10:42
Dear customer:

thanks for your message on

please go to our website to online place order. for all customer order over 30 pieces will get our wholesale price. over 200 pieces will get our free shipping.

if you order 200-400 pieces dog's clothes no shipping cost for you. we offter free shipping for you.thanks.

Messages #: 4936
Received my order last week. Very fast shipping and great products - Thanks! Chris
post at Jan/23/2013 18:21
you are welcome!

Messages #: 4932
My shipping chg. should be $10.00 , not $30.00.
I was beat out of money just a few months ago by a doggy co. In china. It was an awful experience. I finally had to go on Facebook and twitter.
If you are charging me $30.00 to ship these few doggie clothes, forget it.

I will hold my order until I hear from you regarding the cost of shipping.

Roberta Hargis
post at Jan/20/2013 11:27
we have not find your order on , can you let me know what your order number ? we will check for you ? we use DHL/EMS ship our order to worldwide, it very very fast,delivery time is 3-5 business days. but the shipping charges so high, you can check the shipping charge on ,

we not use airmail ,the delivery time need 25 business days.please check.

Messages #: 4928
Thank you for the fast service and the great products. I will be ordering again.
post at Jan/17/2013 14:41
thanks for your messages on we use DHL ship to you ,the delivery time is 3-4 business days.very fast!

Messages #: 4926
I was going to place an order with your company and then I saw the shipping charges. I am the assistant manager of Paws for Cause located in Troutdale, Oregon. We are a pet Bouquet and we are non-profit. We were seeing if the shipping could be adjusted in any way. I did try phoning you and I was not successful as the phone number was not working or the wrong number. I am looking forward in hearing back from you and hoping we could do business.

Thank you,

Melissa Lemke
post at Jan/16/2013 14:46
we are location in China. our working time on Monday to Friday at 9:00-12:00 AM 13:00-17:00 PM Beijing Time, GMT+8:00. we use EMS/TNT/DHL to ship our all order from China to worldwide. so the shipping charges high than your location express compnay.

Messages #: 4918
I need 100 blank dog t-shirt in TAN color ranging in size from small to XXLarge. Can you help me? Scott Wood
post at Jan/11/2013 15:39
our existing blank dog t-shirts all color at here :

we have not TAN color dog shrits, but we can buy TAN color fabric production for you. the minmum order is 300 pcs.
can your send a picture of TAN color sample to us check if your like?

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