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Now, we accept three sorts of customization service as follows:
1. Pet apparel design customization
2. Replacement of the existing logo and hangtag
3. Specific pattern printing

First, Pet apparel design customization:
You can mail us the clothing design you like, specifying the fabric texture and color. We will purchase the fabric material according to what you request and inform you the material purchase price and processing costs via E-mail or phone, the final decision of purchasing or putting into production is up to you. If we can not purchase the same or similar fabric, we will also contact you via E-mail or phone call with the ultimate solution or just cancelling manufacturing.

Second, Replacement of the existing logo and hangtag:

Perhaps you have your own fixed consumer groups, or you want to enhance your company's reputation and brand awareness, then you need to regulate your product packaging and company logo to greatly improve the brand loyalty from your customers. If you are a small-scale distributor or agent, all you need is to create your own production workshop, which includes long-term input costs of hardware equipments, large-scale material overload, and the welfare of production workers, etc. Large-scale capital investment will undoubtedly reduce the liquidity and increase the cost of sales, it will directly drag or stop your business development under the influence of the current financial crisis.

Now, let us be your production workshop! You don't need equipment investment, large-scale material accumulation and worker welfare. We accept the replacement of your logo/packaging/hangtag onto our existing clothing, in order to increase your brand cohesion and brand loyalty, and quickly enhance the credibility and popularity of your company.

How to start?
We will give you the minimum order quantity requirement, which is at least 100 pieces for each color of each product (at least 20 pieces for each size). For example, product, item code FD017, has 7 colors in total, we provide six different sizes, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, for you to choose from. If you want to replace the logo of product FD017A, white color, to your own logo, then you only need to purchase minimum 100 pieces of product FD017A in total, which means at least 20 pieces for each size such as 20 pieces for S size, 20 pieces for L size, 20 pieces for XL size, and 20 pieces for XXL size. Same as other colors.

1) Replace the logo (See Picture 1)

You need to mail us your existing logos, or we customize according to the logo pattern you have designed.

Minimum Quantity: 2000 PCS. Each piece manufacturing cost: $0.05 dollar

Your customized logo can be used on different products or in different batches. If you first time order 500 pieces, it still can be used on the rest of 1500 pieces in the future orders.

2) Replace the washing care label (see Picture 2)

You need to mail us your existing washing care labels, or we customize according to the content you have designed.
Minimum Quantity: 2000 PCS. Each piece manufacturing cost: $0.05 dollar

Your customized label can be used on different products or in different batches. If you first time order 500 pieces, it still can be used on the rest of 1500 pieces in the future orders.

3) Replace the hangtag (see Picture 3)

You need mail us your existing hangtags, or we customize according to the pattern you have designed.
Minimum Quantity: 5000 PCS. Each piece manufacturing cost: $0.07-$0.10 dollar

Your customized hangtag can be used on different products or in different batches. If you first time order 500 pieces, it still can be used on the rest of 4500 pieces in the future orders.

4) Replace the packaging bag (see Picture 4)

Our original packaging bag is blank, no printed pattern on it. If you need to print your existing pattern on the plastic packaging bag, you have options of mailing us your existing packaging bag or of that we customize according to the pattern you have designed.
Minimum Quantity: 10000 PCS.

If you need to print on only one side of plastic packaging bag, then the printing factory will calculate the cost based on the color.

1 color Each piece Cost: $0.06 dollar
2 colors Each piece Cost: $0.12 dollar
3 colors Each piece Cost: $0.15 dollar
4 colors Each piece Cost: $0.20 dollar

If you need to print on both sides of plastic packaging bag, the pattern on each side can be different, then the each cost of the plastic bag are as follows:

2 colors Each piece cost: $0.07 dollar
3 colors Each piece cost: $0.1 dollar
4 colors Each piece cost: $0.12 dollar
5 colors Each piece cost: $0.15 dollar
6 colors Each piece cost: $0.18 dollar
7 colors Each piece cost: $0.21 dollar
8 colors Each piece cost: $0.25 dollar

The above-mentioned color quantity is based on the sum of the color quantity added together on both sizes.

Your customized plastic packaging bag can be used on different products or in different batches. If you first time order 500 pieces, it still can be used on the rest of 9500 pieces in the future orders.

Third, Specific pattern printing (Picture 4, 5, and 6)
1) Screen Printing (Picture 7):
You can choose specific pattern, specifying pattern size, to print onto various parts of the clothes such as back, chest, and sleeves. We use screen-printing technique, four colors maximum. The printing costs are as follows:
1. Plate-making fee:

The one-off charge of each pattern ranges from $9.00 to $16.00 dollars in accordance with the printing size. Each screen-printing plate can print effectively on 8000-10000 pieces of clothes.

2. Processing fee for printing (only apply to a single pattern, clothing costs not included)

Starting fee: $15.00 dollars each product
One color, each piece processing fee: $0.30 dollars; Two colors, each piece processing fee: $0.45 dollars;Three colors, each piece processing fee: $0.65 dollars; Four colors, each piece processing fee: $0.80 dollars.

3. The fabric material for printing: cotton / leather.
4. Minimum quantity requirement for printing: at least 100 pieces each size each item

2) Pyrographic or Crystal Pattern (Picture 8):

You can print specific crystal patterns, choosing from specific patterns, onto various parts of the clothes such as back, chest, and sleeves. Charge: each pattern is charged from $0.3 to $0.50 dollars in accordance with the size.

Note: We need our customers to provide us after-adjusted design files when it comes to the above-mentioned pattern printing, and send to us via E-mail. The pattern color shall be in CMYK. The pattern format shall be in .cdr / .ai vector graphics.

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